SLUG magazine CC-Fin Eaves review

Cloudland Canyon-Fin Eaves (Holy Mountain)

Cloudland Canyon = Women + Stag Hare + Caboladies
Cloudland Canyon make finding an accessible entrance point into their latest sprawling drone-pop opus a difficult task. Choosing to bury harmonized Beach Boys sub-melodies and pop song structures well below a landslide of analog tape hiss and hazy, reverb-drenched guitar drones, Cloudland Canyon make you work for it. Your patience is rewarded, however, by an absolutely stunning B-side on Fin Eaves. The four-song stretch, starting with “Mothlight pt.2” and ending with “Yellow Echoez,” bring the fully formed pop songs they hid a mile underneath the fuzzed-out audio bath of guitar drones to the surface, still dripping in the shimmering aural warmness that makes the A-side of this magnificent and addicting album. –Ryan Hall


November Tour Dates

Cloudland Canyon supporting Bear in Heaven

Nov 13 @ Spanish Moon
Baton Rouge, LA

Nov 14 @ The Earl
Atlanta, GA

Nov 15 @ Guilford College
Greensboro, NC