First 7" Scores a GOAL!

So, the Cloudland Canyon/Citay split 7" (IA#1) has lumbered out of the woods and is ready for your consumption. There was a little delay with the art (looks sorta Gravity style, a happy accident) and everything, but is now available for your turntables. The record is LOUD and sounds great. This release is meant to be heard on vinyl, people.

So aside from the new 7" what has been keeping us occupied, you ask? What's on the turntable? Here is June's playlist:

World Cup Soccer-It only happens every four years. Get on it!

The Alps-Holy Smokes, their records are good, good, good. In fact, maybe you should check out everything on Root Strata.

Beaches-Their debut record is super great! What if Electralane were from Australia? Listen to Beaches and find out. I met these fine ladies when they didn't play a show in NYC (it was cancelled, boo!) and they were very charming.

Earles & Jensen-The Chris Morris(es) of the United States? Everything they do is magical and funny.

Stay perched for IA#2.

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